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Sunday, December 05, 2004


We Are Not Amused ...

Sending the Wrong Message

Now I'm an easy-going guy, but this makes me really, really, angry.

I appreciate good political street theater as much as the next guy, even when I don't agree with the sentiments expressed. For example, while I disagreed with their politics, I admired the imaginative shenanigans of the ladies of Code Pink during the runup to this year's election.

But these Torontonians have, in my opinion, stepped over the line. With this Stalinist/Saddamist statue, are they really comparing President Bush to Saddam or Stalin? And do they really believe this "Bush as Emperor" pap? Is this really what Bush and the U.S. deserve for the effort to provide the opportunity for Iraqis to build a free society for themselves?

Reason Abandoned
You can and should argue the policy decisions, but to compare Bush to Saddam is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

And look at the expressions of glee on these people's faces Mr. Bush topples Why not AK-47's shooting into the air as well?

As a lifelong Democrat, segregation-boycotting, McGovern-voting, Clinton-supporting, mostly-liberal American, I have to believe that most of my fellow citizens, even those who voted against President Bush, are disgusted with this spectacle.

I hope eveyone in this crowd is forced to move to Ottawa and freeze their collective tuchis off.


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