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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Keep on Bloggin'...

Brickwork Arches

From the Inbox ...

I got a very nice email from my former co-worker, Charlotte P. today. Among other things, Charlotte said,
I’ve been reading up on your diaries. It has become the must-do during my daily lunch break at work.

So that makes three people who are reading the blog ... Charlotte, Dave Beckerman, and Mom.

Nah, just kidding about Mom. She doesn't know from blogs. But Charlotte - today's post is for you! Thanks for the encouragement.

Thinking About Photography

As a born procrastinator, I've learned that thinking too much about something can prevent me from actually doing it. So for me, thinking about photography can be dangerous - it often leads to more thinking and less taking photos.
But in any event, here are a few things I've been thinking about shooting.
Leaves On Stone Wall - Pomona

Falling Behind Fall

Last year between October and mid-November, I must've taken 200 or more photos featuring vibrantly-colored leaves. This year, for the most part, I've missed the boat. We've had a very nice autumn, but by last weekend, I noticed that I just hadn't been on the lookout for those kind of images like I did last year.

But it just wouldn't do to let the season pass without at least a one leafy photo to show for it. Mom to the rescue. Right in the middle of apartment complex where she lives, maybe only 100 yards before I get to her building, is a big old yellow barn with a small stone shed next to it. As I was driving to pick her up last Saturday, the brilliantly-colored ivy clinging to the stone shed caught my eye. So here it is.

Nope...I'm sure there are more...strange that it took an ex-boyfriend from Western Australia to turn this Seattlite on to your blog, but your posts are definitely highlights of my day!
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