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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Bargain Store Mirage

Rainy Night at Ollie'sOllie's Bargain Outlet is a chain of stores where the merchandise is made up of manufacturers closeouts and liquidation stock. Their motto is "Good cheap stuff." You just never know. My usual reason for heading to Ollie's is to check out their computer books. Some books on technology that I work with everyday, SQL Server 2000, for example, can be as much as three or four years old and still perfectly useful to me.

So this rainy night, I pulled up to Ollie's and found this shimmering crazy wet mirage floating in the wet asphalt in front of the store. And by the way, I did find a "good cheap" book on SQL Server performance tuning - an impressive Microsoft Press harback for $9.99. You just never know.

The "Stuck at 85 Posts" Mystery Revealed

All I had to do was check out Blogger.com's list of known issues:
Stats collection has been temporarily turned off, so you will not see your post count increasing on your dashboard or profile. We plan to restore this functionality in the short term but have needed to stop collecting the information for now in order to stabilize the database servers.
So I don't need to worry about that problem anymore - it'll take care of itself.

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