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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


For No One

Forgotten Faces

She says that long ago she knew someone but now he’s gone
She doesn’t need him

Forgotten faces for sale in a second-hand shop window.

By the way, if you're as hooked on the Beatles as I am, check out musicologist Alan Pollack's analysis of For No One.

Pollack goes into amazing detail. Just look at this one little bullet point:

The bridges feature a textbookishly classical pivot modulation to the key of ii (c# minor). By contrast, the verses rely on the definitely non classical flat-VII chord, instead of V, to establish the home key. Ironically, the errant V chord makes its only appearances in the song as part of the pivot home at bridge's end.

I have no idea what half of this means, but I love it! No kidding, I'm thinking of finding a musical theory course just so I can understand and appreciate more of Pollack's expositions.

If you like this article, go here to find links to all of Professor Pollack's extensive writings on the Beatles.

Hello thank you sooo much for this! I have to write a essay on for no one and I didn't know where to start. You have some beautiful photo's on here- I don't really have time to look right now but I have bookmarked this page and I will be back! Thanks again. :)
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