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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Hoser of the Month Award

The envelope, please ...

Being election season, we can expect both sides to do lots of stupid things, so maybe I should institute a Hoser of the Week award?

Anyway, this month's award goes collectively to the members of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Congratulations, boys!

SBVFT released a TV ad last week, called "Any Questions", which accuses Senator Kerry of lying about his war record. Among other things, the ad features a former swift boat gunner's mate, not a member of Kerry's crew, who says, "John Kerry lied to get his bronze star. I know - I was there."

Now those of you who have been following along in this blog over the past few weeks know that I am very critical of John Kerry and will not vote for him in November.

But Senator Kerry's war record and his heroism are a matter of long public record. Furthermore, Kerry has been in the public eye virtually continuously since he returned from Vietnam over 30 years ago. If these "for Truth" guys had something to say about his record, why is it only now that they are coming forward? Of course, any reasonable citizen understands the answer. This is the kind of thing that party "activists" do when they get out of hand.

Whenever you see an organization with "for Truth" in its name, watch out!

A spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign, Steve Schmidt, said that the campaign had nothing to do with SBVFT and "has never and will never question Senator Kerry's service in Vietnam."

But I'm not totally happy with that denial. This was a rotten thing to do, and some of that bad karma has rubbed off and will stick to the Bush-Cheney campaign unless it takes a more forceful stand against this foolishness.

Bravo, Rudy!

I don't know how I missed this gem, but apparently Rudy Giuliani, when asked by a reporter in Boston July 30th if he had seen Michael Moore's Fahernheit 911, replied

I don't need Michael Moore to tell me about Sept. 11th.

Bravo, Rudy!

That's very humorous!

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