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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Coolidge Corner

Coolidge Corner 'T' StopThis is the Coolidge Corner stop of the MBTA, otherwise known as the 'T', Boston's mass transit system. Coolidge Corner is a beautiful old neighborhood in Brookline, where Sandy and I stayed this weekend while attending the bat mitzvah of my cousin's daughter Hannah. I didn't take any photos until just as we were leaving to go back to the airport - pretty much forgot that I brought my little camera (well, that's an indication of the good time we had seeing our relatives at such a happy occassion.)

As we stood waiting for the 'T', I noticed the early-moring sidelighting on the tile roof of the passenger shed. I'm a sucker for tile roofs anyway, and I liked the perspective of the scene. Does it do anything for you?

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