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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Smoke Break

This photo is a tribute to Dave Beckerman, whose online journal was quite an inspiration to me a few years ago as I was considering getting back into photography.

Dave's journal was the Mother Of All PhotoBlogs - it was in essence a blog before there was such a thing.

Dave is a great B&W photographer and a great street photographer. I never shoot B&W any more and only seldom convert one of my digital images to B&W. But over the past few weeks, as I walk the final block on my way to work, I've been seeing small groups of smokers sitting on the window ledges of the Candler Building along Pratt Street. If I walk very close to the building, I would often just see a few pairs of legs, a hand or two, and puffs of smoke, backlit by the early-moning sun.

Those little street scenarios started to strike me as very "compositional," and Black-and-White-y. Well, yesterday, I had a What Would Dave Do (WWDD?) moment; I finally snapped a few shots, with B&W in mind as the final product.

I rather like it, and hope you do, too. I'm curious to see what Dave thinks.

It's funny but I actually have a series of shots of smoker's hands - similar to what you've got.

But I think the composition here is still a Steve composition. My shots are mostly crooked.

Anyway - thanks for the kind words. And I think you'll like the next project I have in mind: Jewish Delis of New York. I can photograph them and then have a good corned beef sandwich.
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