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Monday, October 23, 2006


Flugtag Baltimore!

Ungefähr 70.000 Zuschauer verfolgten begeistert die 23 Teams, das mit seinen tollkühnen Fluggeräten, von der 10 Meter hohen Startrampe ins Baltimore Hafen Wasser gefallen ist.

Ok, I cribbed that German, with appropriate modifications, from a web article about the Köln Flugtag last month. I must admit, my German is pretty non-existant. I usually fall asleep before I get to the verb.

Anyway, Flugtag Baltimore this past Saturday was awesome - it far exceeded my expectations of spectacle and fun. Sandy and I both went and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

I won't go into the details - you can see that at the Baltimore Flugtag webiste here. Achtung! Office warning! ... there is a video that starts up right away on this page (you can click the "pause" button to shut it up) so wait until you get home to take a look.

Flugtag Baltimore - 'Victims of Soi-cumstance'Here's first-place winner, Victims of Soi-cumstance, right at takeoff. Like many of pushers, this one is taking the plunge, sans aircraft.

Flugtag Baltimore - Dumbo Rolls for TakeoffHere, Team Dumbo is getting up a good head of steam as they head for the end of the ramp...

Flugtag Baltimore - Dumbo Crashes on Takeoff... but unfortunately, Dumbo's undercarriage collapses just before takeoff - they had to unceremoniously push poor Dumbo into the drink

Flugtag Baltimore - Flying Purple People EaterIt was a One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater! Unfortunatley, I'm old enough to remember having heard this song first-hand in 1958. This team's design was a real beauty, and it even delivered a puff of smoke from the horn right at takeoff!

Flugtag Baltimore - Max's Maryland FlyerMax's Maryland Flyer included a bicylce-pedal-driven propeller and really looked like it could fly across the Inner Harbor. Unfortunately, it didn't perform any better than the Flying Fireman's Hat. A wonderful design, nevertheless. Better luck next year, Max & Company!

Flugtag Baltimore - 'Oscar Flyer'
Flugtag Batlimore - 'Oscar Flyer'The Oscar Flyer came complete with a removable hot dog bun. For a hot dog, it flew pretty well, too.

Flugtag Baltimore - Indiana Jones Getting a Push
Flugtag Baltimore - Indiana Jones FliesThe Indian Jones team came complete with floatplane and Hovitos warriors in loincloth and battle paint, and of course, Indy himself in his tradmark fedora.

Flutag was such a fun thing to witness. I had seen it in NYC a few years ago. For some odd reason I was without a camera. Great shots!
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