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Thursday, April 27, 2006


More Tall Ships Arrive

Hard at work - Schooner VirginiaYesterday two more large sailing vessels arrived yesterday in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor as part of the celebration of the Volvo Ocean Race - the schooner Virginia and the barkentine Gazela. In addition, there are smaller, but still impressive boats all over the Inner Harbor now.

The Gazela, built in the late nineteenth century in Portugal, has, according to Wikipedia "... the distinction of being the oldest, largest square-rigged wooden Class A vessel still under active sail."

The website for Sail Baltimore has information about these ships as well as more to come throughout the rest of the year.


I have a webpage and a "daily log" that focuses on Tall Ships. Any chance for a LINK ?

Also, how does one get one's blog on a search directory ?

thanks thad koza

e-mail: tallships2007@yahoo.com

webpage: www.tallshipsinternational.net
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