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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


More Canon A620 Results

My experience with the new Canon A620 continues to be very satisfying.

One of the things mentioned in a number of the A620 reviews was a tendancy towards excess contrast and burnt-out highlights. I haven't really found that to be a problem so far.

Speaking of highlights, although the A620 does have an option of displaying a histogram right after an exposure, one thing I do miss is that it doesn't blink the areas in the photo where highlights are clipped. This is something that has become standard on DSLRs and higher-end digicams, such as the Canon G-series.

Something else I haven't mentioned is speed. Speed of operation, that is. The A620 has the newer Canon DIGIC-II image processing chip, which is supposed to be much faster than the original DIGIC. As promised, my experience has been that wake-up time and shot-to-shot time is indeed very fast - actually better than my Digital Rebel (which still used the old DIGIC chip.) Part of the performance I've seen may be due to the RiTek 66x 1GB SD Card that I bought with the camera. With the Digital Rebel, I've been using standard old rotgut CF cards from PNY and SanDisk. One of my next purchases will be a faster card for the Rebel.

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