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Wednesday, April 20, 2005



We've all been trying to de-junk the house lately, and as usual, Sandy has been doing more than her share. Yesterday, next to the chair she likes to sit in as she goes through old boxes, was a small black plastic box, something about the size of a hardcover book.

I opened the box and found a set of Pogs! When I saw these colorful reminders of the early '90s in their little white slots within the black box, I thought a photo would be in order before they get tossed.

POGs! Posted by Hello

For those of you who didn't have young children in the early 1990's, Pogs was a fad that came and went over a period of a few years. It was a game and a collecting hobby wrapped in one.

I had to refresh my memory as to what they were all about - I remembered something about milk bottle caps from Hawaii, but not much more. The Bad Fads Museum website has a good writeup on Pogs, and while you're there, you'll enjoy reading about other fads, from flashes-in-the-pan like Pet Rocks to classics such as Frisbees.

Hey - did anyone see where I put my Three Dog Night 8-track tape??

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