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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Busy, Busy, Busy!

Yeah, that's my excuse for not posting since last Friday, of course!

Well, lots has been going on in the last few days:

A comment on that last item... this is Job No. 4 since a year ago. And you're looking at a guy who for the first 27 years of his working life, worked for exactly 2 companies. So it sure looks as if I can't hold a job.

It's not all as bad as that. I left Job No. 1, a small company with strange management, at the end of last July. Job No. 2 was with a very solid and professional company in Towson, but it was only guaranteed for three months. They said that there was a good chance of going permanent, but after the first month, I checked and nothing was on the horizon yet. The very next evening, I got a call from Job No 3 in Columbia (with whom I had interviewed a bit more than a month earlier,) and they made me an offer, which I took. They were able to wait for me to finish my 3-month committment at Job No. 2, so I started No. 3 in mid-November.

Job No. 3 was also a large and well-established company and a very nice place to work. But after a few months, after some decisions by our one and only customer (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services,) it looked like our six-person I.T. staff would be out of work by the end of this year.

By great good fortune, I was contacted by Job No. 4, also in Columbia, about three weeks ago. It turns out that one of my co-workers at Job No. 3 had interviewed here and at two other companies. She got offers from all three, and decided to go with one of the other two companies. But she recommended that they contact me. They did, it looked good, and here I am.

My first day was yesterday, and I can say that the offices are nice, the people are pleasant, and the work seems interesting and plentiful. So here I am, and I'm happy and excited and ready to plunge into doing some good for them.

So far, so good.

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