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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Annapolis Sells!

City Dock Morning
Amazing!.... I went to Barnes & Noble Memorial Day morning to take my photos down - a new exhibit was going up June 1st. With a whole month's worth of exposure, I only ended up with one sale of two prints. But later that same day, I ran into one of my neighbors who hadn't been able to get to the showing. He asked if he could see the photos and ended up buying five prints!

Four prints were Annapolis scenes and one was a nighttime photo of the Double-T Diner in Annapolis in all its neon-and-chrome glory.

So I decided to take the framed photos to work the next day and offer them at $30 apiece. We have a large lunchroom with long tables - actually a lot more space than we need - and people often leave Avon catalogs and the like. So I just spread out a few photos and left the rest in a box for people to browse through. I sold four prints on Tuesday and five more yesterday before I took the box home last night.

Half of the prints sold were Annapolis scenes. Looks like there's a lesson in this for me - shoot more photos in Annapolis. People seem to like the waterside scenes. No problem, Annapolis is only a few miles away, and there are plenty of nooks and crannies I haven't explored yet.

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